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Case Study 1: Impact assessment of loss of HDD steering signal

Pipe icon
  • HDPE (with internal welds)
  • Ø 420mm / 16.5” ID
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  • Segment Length: 511m / 1,675ft
  • Depth from entry: 10.5m / 34.5ft
Magnetic interference

An HDD Rig Master relies on a clear signal from his steering sonde to control the orientation of the HDD drill head. However, signal loss may occur due to electromagnetic interference, for example emitted by existing power cables in the vicinity of the bore path. As a result, temporarily loss of orientation may occur leading to a uncontrolled drift in the bore path as this example shows.

As-Built profile Depth profile

The Reduct survey crew followed the recommended standard operational procedure and mapped the pipe four times (so-called FBBF method). When compared to the as-planned profile, the measurement results reveal that the as-built profile deviates up to 4.5m/15ft from the planned profile in the horizontal plane XY and approximately 1.5m/5ft in the vertical plane Z (depth).

Download a PDF copy of this case studie.