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Case Study 3: Mapping an entire HDD bundle to reduce risk

Pipe icon
  • HDPE (with internal welds)
  • Ø 130-164mm / 5.1-6.5” ID
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  • Segment Length: 525m / 1,725ft
  • Depth from entry: 43m / 140ft
Plan view of a HDD bundle

In preparation of the roll-out of a new fly-over complex, three bundles of 11 ducts each were installed by means of HDD. Despite laying at more than 40m/130ft below the surface, the electricity utility owner was concerned that future ground works would damage a duct or bundle on this highly critical route.

When mapping just one duct in a bundle, nothing can be concluded about the other ducts in that bundle, so they can be positioned anywhere around the mapped duct. This would necessitate a significant safety zone around the measurement result of the single mapped duct. Therefore, all ducts were mapped to get better information on the position of the entire bundle and thus reduce the risk of damage during the fly-over build phase.

The field crew followed the recommended standard operational procedure and mapped each duct four times (so-called FBBF method). The crew achieved a productivity of 11 pipes per day, or well over 5.5 km / 3.5 miles.

The fly-over complex was completed without any damage to the bundles.

Download a PDF copy of this case studie.