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Case Study 2: Inclination assessment of a wastewater pipe

Pipe icon
  • Concrete
  • Ø 800mm / 32” ID
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  • Number of segments: 7
  • Lengths: 90-240m / 295-790ft
Plan view of sewer segments

A newly trenched wastewater pipe was installed in very soft, muddy ground. The owner specified, as part of the hand-over procedure, that the contractor submitted a highly accurate, high frequency, inclination report after the backfill was completed. The DuctRunner technology proved ideal for meeting this specification because it logs at 100Hz (100 samples per second) and delivers highly accurate inclination data.

Inclination profile

A typical segment report looks like the above chart. It has a reporting point frequency of 1m/3ft. The red bars indicate a positive inclination and the green bars a negative inclination. The blue line is the depth profile. The field crew mapped each pipe twice.

Download a PDF copy of this case studie.