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Reduct inspection vehicles

Reduct Service Teams

Several highly skilled Reduct Service Teams are on stand-by to perform mapping and reporting activities or to support and assist you in the excecution of complex mapping jobs.

Standard mapping services include:
  • XYZ mapping of pipes with an internal pipe diameter of 40mm and up.
  • Pipe bend-radius assessment.
  • Optional: In-pipe static-view video recording (min. pipe ID 200mm) using the DRC-2 - Modular Digital Video Recorder.
Standard output includes:
  • XYZ coordinates in any metric or US Standard coordinate system (.csv format).
  • Output sample interval of 5cm and up (user defined).
  • 3D AutoCAD file.
  • Depth profile AutoCAD file.
  • Google Earth .kml file (available for selected countries).
DuctRunner mapped line projected onto Google Earth

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